How do I use an e-ticket?

When you make a purchase on, you'll receive a confirmation via email. Included in the email will be all information pertaining to your itinerary as well as any confirmation numbers. Once at the airport you can check in to your flight by providing the ticket agent with a copy of the email confirmation we sent you along with a government issued photo I.D.. Please note that a valid passport is required for all International travel.

Why should I create an account with Flighthub?

Having an account with will allow you to keep track of your booked travel, your saved searches for quicker future use, your travel preferences (such as your home airport, seating preference, meal preference, etc.), and apply coupons and promotions.

When do I need to check into my flights?

For domestic flights we recommend checking in 90 minutes prior to departure. For international flights we recommend you check in three(3) hours prior to departure. We also recommend checking in online via the website of the airline you are traveling on.

How can I make changes to my flight reservation?

Please note that all reservations are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. In the event where you, the customer must cancel a reservation we will do everything in our power to assist you. Please note that any cancellations, if permitted, are subject to a cancellation fee of $150.00 per passenger, plus any additional fees charged by any 3rd party suppliers.(airlines, hoteliers, etc.)My flight us listed with one airline but it's operated by another. Who should I check in with?

My flight is listed with one airline but it's operated by another. Who should I check in with?

You may notice that you are booked on a particular airline however the flight is operated by another. For example, a flight on Lufthansa may be listed as LH 0001 but it is operated by Air Canada. It will be indicated on your itinerary which airline is operating the flight.